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We offer unparalleled masonry restoration services to businesses

and residences in Metro Detroit and surrounding areas.

 JMD Building Restoration offers a variety of services including but not limited to: Brick, block, natural stone, terra cotta, manufactured stone, sealants, waterproofing and concrete in a broad variety of applications and repairs.



Whether the project is old or new, the JMD team has decades of experience in masonry and concrete.



Where expertise and passion meet. We are at the top of the masonry restoration industry including restoring historic structures back to their original integrity.  We have performed restoration services on a diverse range of structures from churches to commercial buildings



JMD is equipped to accommodate various types of facade access including Swing Stage Scaffolding, Aerial Lifts, and Specialized Rope personnel accessOur experienced technicians will collaborate and present a comprehensive facade report which provides a method of alerting facility managers/owners and local municipalities of potential façade safety hazards, with the objective of identifying and correcting problems before any accidents occur.



Whether it be cleaning facades, applying coatings or waterproofing, the JMD Building Restoration team in knowledgeable in the latest state of the art techniques to get the job done effectively and efficiently

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