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A family legacy spanning over 75 years in masonry with more than
two decades of experience in masonry restoration.


 After more than two decades of personal experience in the masonry restoration field and with a family legacy spanning across three generations, over 75 years in masonry, JMD Building Restoration was born.  Starting in the late 1940's, Stanley R. Dapkus started his masonry career in New York City.  He would eventually become a registered steeplejack and move to Detroit.  Over the years he worked for different local firms in Detroit and Ohio until he started his own masonry company.  Stanley had two sons who would follow his lead in the masonry industry. His grandson, Joseph M. Dapkus Jr., founded JMD Building Restoration that continues to provide the same exceptional service to Metro-Detroit today. 


JMD Building Restoration currently offers a variety of services, but not limited to: brick, block, natural stone, Terra cotta, manufactured stone, waterproofing, sealants, and concrete.

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